What is the gibberish TIKTOK song? Dville Santa’s ‘Laboratory / Shabadaduba laba ​Like A Meebo’

A song made up of pure gibberish is one of TikTok’s more popular trends/sounds. The appeal of Dville Santa’s “Laboratory/Like A Meebo” is that it’s used to perfectly capture that feeling of trying to explain your point of view, or something that you’re passionate about to someone who doesn’t understand, doesn’t care, fully agrees with you anyway so it doesn’t matter or maybe even knows more than you and can see through the bs you’re spilling. Whether the nonsense comes from the talker, the listener, or a little bit of both, it’s a very human experience of feeling like you’re not being heard, or maybe that even you don’t fully understand the topic you’re rambling about.

The sound is traced back to just April of this year. On April 29, 2021, TikToker and rapper Dville Santa dropped the first hint of track on TikTok. He wrote “i was told to bring this to tik tok 🤦🏾‍♂️ if i drop the full song imma go triple vibranium”


i was told to bring this to tik tok 🤦🏾‍♂️ if i drop the full song imma go triple vibranium 💯 #fyp #viral #foryoupage

♬ Laboratory – Dville Santa

On June 2, 2021, Dville Santa released a music video for the song that depicted a business meeting, which is the perfect setting for Simlish vocal droning.

One of the most popular versions of the sound is a bit sped up, which gives it a more of a cartoon, innocent quirkiness that enhances the humor.

Here’s a compilation of some of the TikToks using this sound:

Here’s the full lyrics, which are oddly relatable. Sometimes nonsense just hits different.

Here they go with this metronome bro
Oh my God
Yabadee boobeedee baba dooboop (booboop)
A shoobee daba dooboo (dooboo)
Liyaba daba dooboop (bow)
Bdooboodooboop badabadoobadooboop (yuh)
Yaba dabap yababadaba (what, oohoo)
Yaba dababadaba (alright)
It’s off the top for real, all this off the top (I feel, I feel, I feel)
I said (he’s a genius)
Womba domba
Shamba damba (shamba damba)
Shamba da mamba damba gamba (damba gamba)
Yama da llama llama chgamba gamba (voice crackin’)
Yaboo (cracka lackin’)
Soobelooboop babalooboop glabaloogoop (oohoo)
Yaga wagourt (wagourt)
Yaga damaga labaga bargourt (bargourt)
Shaga damaga dagaba gargourt (mmm)
Yooboop (ooh)
Shabadaba, yoobadaba dooboop (mmm)
Shabadaba, deeboop? (Hmm)
Shabadaba gooba like a meeboop (meeboop)
Labo labo
Labo dababo glabo gluglug guhglable lable (ooh, tongue twister)
Like gaba gaba
Yaba dasabadaba yoobabababa (blaow!)
Abalaba dooba, cadoosay (cadoosay)
Metamorphosis aporphis of morkle laborth laba gorbalib (laboratory)
Yama nama doo
Yama namama, llama gamagoot (gamagoom)
An amba beebop (gama juice)
Yaba dababada when da beat drop (beat drop)
Ayabadaba doobop
Ayabada babada wadawoowop
A woowa dasoowa damala woowop
A loowa ahsoowa lamama noowop
Ayabadaba doodoo
Shamanama gowilla famana mama soosoo
Sa so swee, samasa sasamore
A yamanama namanama
A llama llama llama llama
I’m a llama you a llama
Llama looma llama llama”

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