Weird Al premieres Gaga spoof ‘Perform This Way’

Weird Al Yankovic spoofs Lady Gaga in Perform This Way music video

In the pop universe “stars” come and go yet somehow the master of the parody song, Weird Al Yankovic, manages to maintain relevancy decade after decade.

His latest work is a spoof of the biggest pop star on the planet now Lady Gaga as he turns her anthemic “Born This Way” on its head as a song all about Mother Monster called “Perform This Way.” This is his first single in 5 years and one that almost didn’t happen. Let me explain…

Al stated that after Gaga heard his recording he wasn’t allowed to release it but she stated that her manager turned it down without letting her have a listen first. In light of her renowned quirky individuality she loved it and encourage the release. As far as Gaga goes I believe her side of the story all the way.

Well here it is folks, Weird Al Yankovic back on parody parade with “Perform This Way”

In my opinion nothing to write home about but at the same time it’s not that bad either. I’m probably no longer Al’s market but I sure enjoyed the heck out of him as a kid especially his turn at Michael Jackson’s “Bad” called “Fat.

“Yo ding dong man ding dong!”

Here are two additional images from his latest video:

Weird Al mimics Mother Monster in Perform This Way

Weird Al Yankovic in his music video Perform This Way

I almost feel like I should apologize for that last one! Death, taxes and Weird Al everybody…