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Yup, more mama drama! In Teen Mom Episode 5 “A Little Help” Maci continues to try to make it work with babby daddy Ryan, but Ryan doesn’t seem to want to try at anything. Gary makes a selfless offer even Amber can’t refuse. Farrah gets frustrated by a potential date who sounds like her parents. Catelynn struggles with having given up her daughter for adoption and attends a birth mom retreat in hopes of trying to better come to terms with her decision.

(Some people seem to be having difficulty getting the episode to play. If that’s the case. CLICK HERE and it will open full screen in a new window.)

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Is it just me or was that dude Farrah trying to date mature beyond his years? He asked who was watching Sophia (Farrah’s baby girl) to which Farrah indignantly responded that her parents were. Seemingly douchey looking potential date dude pressed the issue and asked when Farrah was supposed to be home to which Farrah angrily responded that she was going home whenever she wanted. Then the conversation took a funny turn:

(Paraphrasing a bit)

Farrah: So, did you still want to do something tomorrow?

Date: Nah. I’m kinda busy tomorrow.

Farrah: I thought you said you didn’t have anything to do tomorrow.

Date: I do now. I have to drop someone off at the airport.

And the best part was Farrah complaining afterward about no one wanting to date a single mom! This dude sounded like he was all about dating a single mom, or at least a responsible single mom! He lost interest when Farrah said her daughter was at home with her parents and she was staying out as late as she wanted and didn’t care. I almost literally had to pick my jaw up off the floor after that scene asking myself, “What did I just see?”

Farrah can go out but she seriously needs to readjust her attitude and show some appreciation to her folks! Oh, and temper her teen lust for freedom with the reality that she is a mother.

I didn’t believe Amber had the capacity to feel joy but she proved I was wrong when she orgasmically squealed “Meatloaf!” Gary provided a scented candlelit “Crack Barrel to go” dinner and stocked his fridge with luncheon meat. How was Amber going to refuse? Well played Gary.

Gary romances Amber with a scented candlelit Cracker Barrel dinner

Let him go Maci. The dude’s a bimbo. I think even the therapist fell for him. Their session might as well have ended with the good doctor saying, “OK Maci, are there any other words you would like me to put in Ryan’s mouth?”

That bartender scene with Maci was one of the most depressing things ever.

Caitlynn – Kudos for going on that retreat. You seem to be a better mother than Farrah and you gave your daughter up for adoption!

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