Watch Online Jersey Shore Episode 7 “What Happens In The AC”

The Situation Mike Sorrentino from Jersey Shore Episode 7 What Happens In The AC

The Jersey Shore crew heads to Atlantic City where their patience with The Situation begins to wear thin.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino continued on his mission to offend every single Italian American in the world, this time focusing on the ones closest to him. He calls Snooki fat, takes Vinny’s sloppy seconds and doesn’t lift a finger to help J-Woww when she is kicked out of a bar. But, we all know J-Woww isn’t one to hold back her emotions and she’s lying in wait at the hotel room when Mike gets back. CLICK HERE to see the J-Woww punch heard ’round the world! (Oh, and a mighty clean backslap too!)

Oh, and Snooki takes the most amazing bubble bath EVER!

Snooki Nicole Polizzi plays with bubble bath in an Atlantic City hot tub

Those bubbles are downright architectural! She be buildin’ a flyin’ buttress yo!

Here’s a bonus clip with Pauly, Mike and Snooki talking about episodes 7 and 8:

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