VIDEOS Mob Wives’ Drita D’Avanzo arrested for punching woman on the sidewalk

Drita and husband Lee D'Avanzo photo fight

Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo is one of reality television’s most volatile and aggressive stars, and it appears that her persona is not just reserved for times when the VH1 cameras are rolling! Drita was reportedly arrested Wednesday after allegedly assaulting another woman on the sidewalk in Staten Island.

TMZ broke the story earlier today, but it appears as though they may have been tipped off to Drita’s arrest by the victim of the assault. A woman named Mary Bratti tweeted about a confrontation with both Drita and Drita’s husband, Lee D’Avanzo, and even posted video clips of the incident!

According to Mary, the whole thing started because Lee parked in her parking spot, which is apparently an ongoing issue because Mary tweeted this to Drita’s Mob Wives cast mates Carla Facciola, Renee Graziano, and Karen Gravano last month after being blocked by Drita: “Tell her to have her husband Lee stop parking in my spot!!!”

Here is Mary’s video of Lee D’Avanzo prior to the altercation in which you can hear another woman, which sounds like Drita:

“Here is @dritadavanzo husband Lee for all who been wondering,” Mary tweeted along with a link to the clip, which is titled “Lee davanzo nut job.”

It appears that Mary also uploaded a second clip, allegedly of Drita, but then deleted it. A rough video of that video has survived, however. In the clip (below) you can see a woman (Drita?) casually walking up some steps as another woman (Mary I assume) angrily addresses her. The woman believed to be Drita calmly stands with her hands in her jacket pockets before suddenly reaching out and grabbing the other woman! After that, all hell breaks loose in the form of a rather serious cat fight. The man, (whom Mary identified as Lee) stands in astonishment as he captures the entire incident on his cell phone. Here’s the video:

Drita from Mob Wives fighting someone… Lee called Drita up to fight this woman.. Here's where it all started –

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According to a Facebook commenter, Mary used to work for Drita and the two had a falling out. Since then, Mary has been very vocal on social media about her disdain for Drita.

As far as this specific incident, Mary claims that “Lee took my phone to destroy evidence. More to the story her hair is in my floor.” So I’m guessing she means Drita’s hair is on her floor? It’s still unclear who uploaded the video of the fight, although Mary does reveal it was her daughter who shot the footage. “Ya well my daughter who was filming got scared and so did my 6 yr old son,” Mary tweeted, before adding: “They r f*cking white trash.”

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Mary sold the fight video to TMZ and then removed it. Time will tell if I’m right on that one.

UPDATE – It appears I was exactly right, not that I was going too far out on a limb or anything 🙂 Here’s the video from TMZ:

* Well, we were partly right. Mary wants to emphasize that she WAS NOT PAID for the clip and she shared this exchange with TMZ to prove it:

Meanwhile, here are a couple blurry screen caps from the pre-TMZ Drita D’Avanzo fight video:

Drita D'Avanzo arrest fight video

As for now, however, Mary is moving on. Yesterday she tweeted that the “show’s over” before adding: “I’m a mom who has to explain to her kids why some b!tch attacked me in my house. Btw she was arrested.”

Mary tagged several of Drita’s Mob Wives co-stars in her tweets about the incident, and Love Majewski has responded at length. “She can fight a mother at home alone w/her kids but can’t seem to pencil me into her schedule?” Love asked on Twitter, adding the #lotsatalkin hash tag.

Karen Gravano responded to that tweet from Love:

More from Love Majewski:

Drita D’Avanzo has yet to respond to the incident on social media. According to TMZ, she was cited for misdemeanor assault.

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