VIDEO VH1 Couples Therapy Season 4 preview trailer with Farrah Abraham, Jon Gosselin, Taylor Armstrong, more

Couples Therapy Season 4 cast Taylor Armstrong Ghostface Killah Farrah Abraham Jon Gosselin The L Word

VH1 has released the first trailer for Couples Therapy Season 4 and the main focus appears to be on Teen Mom turned adult film star Farrah Abraham, who is appearing solo on the show in hopes of having Dr. Jenn Berman help her figure out why she can’t seem to sustain a relationship.

Whoah! Looks like another dramatic and explosive season! And it appears as though the destructive therapy that took place in a junkyard in Season 3 is going indoors as the couples take out their frustrations on furniture with a sledgehammer! (At least I hope that is some sort of therapy session and not just Jon Gosselin bustin’ up the house!)

As I mentioned, Farrah seems to be the featured celebrity in the preview trailer as she does her famous eye roll a few times and generates such memorable quotes as:

Farrah Abraham Couples Therapy Season 4 quote

I have to admit that it doesn’t appear to be too far off from our cartoon prediction of what Farrah and Dr. Jenn’s therapy discussion might be like!

You can check out Farrah and the rest of the Couples Therapy gang when the fourth season premieres January 2 at 9/8c on VH1!

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