VIDEO The Bachelor’s Blakeley Shea gives a tour of Re:Public club where she works

Blakeley Shea Jones video from Re:Public nightclub in Charlotte

The Bachelor Ben Flajnik continues to whittle down his courters as the number of eligible bachelorettes is now down to 15. One of those remaining is model and VIP waitress Blakeley Shea Jones, who pulled no punches in episode two when she aggressively cornered Ben in the swimming pool for a steamy make-out session, much to the dismay of the other gals (as you might imagine).

Needless to say, Blakeley is an early favorite as she has clearly caught the lustful eye of Ben Flajnik early on. But, guided tongue tours of the back of her mouth aren’t the only tours Blakeley is good at! Check out this video from the Re:Public night club in Charlotte, North Carolina where Blakeley works. The video features Blakeley Shea giving a tour of the club, including the exclusive VIP section and Re:Public’s “state of the art, one of a kind tequila bar.”

And just in case that was a little dull for you, let me inject one of Blakeley Shea’s modeling photos from her appearance in Hooters magazine!

Blakeley Shea Hooters

You can also check out Blakeley promoting everyone’s favorite mammary brand on the Hooters Energy Drink can! (Although I think the can in the photo above is much better.)

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