VIDEO Saturday Night Live spoofs Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ad

SNL Bieber Spoof

Saturday Night Live didn’t hold back this weekend when they spoofed Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ad campaign. After rumors surfaced that pictures of Justin were photoshopped, the campaign gained traction but for all the wrong reasons.

Even though Justin’s camp and Calvin Klein combatted the claims and the website that initially started the rumors eventually retracted their statement, the damage had already been done.

It looks like the Bieber bashing isn’t going away anytime soon. Over the weekend, SNL aired their take on the Calvin Klein ad with actress Kate McKinnon depicting Justin Bieber as an annoying baby. With statements like, “This tattoo made me say owie,” and, “I’m a big boy now,” SNL didn’t hold back when it came to the 20-year-old pop star. Check it out for yourself.

What do you think of the spoof? Did SNL go too far?

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