VIDEO New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez arrested for assaulting father-in-law

New York Mets relief pitcher Francisco Rodriguez reacts in the 10th inning of their MLB National League baseball game against the San Francisco Giants in San Francisco, California July 18, 2010.

New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod) was arrested and charged with third-degree assault after an altercation with his 53-year-old father-in-law Wednesday night.

The alleged incident occurred in the Mets’ Family Lounge at Citi Field just moments after the team lost to the Colorado Rockies 6-2. According to the New York Post, Rodriguez “allegedly clashed with the 53-year-old man at around 10:15 p.m. amid other players’ families after the Mets blew a lead.”

Here is a video report from ESPN:

According to New York Daily News, “The father-in-law suffered facial abrasions and was taken by ambulance to Flushing Hospital shortly after the 10:15 p.m. incident, police said.”

Jay Horowitz, spokesman for the New York Mets, released this statement:

“There was an incident between Francisco Rodriguez and his family tonight at the ballpark. He was questioned by police and all other questions pertaining to this incident will be referred to the police department.”

Francisco Rodriguez will spend the night at Citi Field in police custody and be arraigned later today at Queens Criminal Court on a charge of third-degree assault. In response to why he was able to stay at Citi Field and wasn’t taken to jail, the Post reports “Police sources said he was being held at the stadium for security reasons — so he wouldn’t be with other inmates at either the police station house or central booking.”

Just prior to getting into it with his father-in-law, the notoriously volatile closer blew up at reporters who were asking him why manager Jerry Manuel didn’t call on him in a bases loaded jam in the 8th inning when the Mets still led by one. Perhaps his father-in-law asked him the same question.

Authorities have not released the name of his father-in-law but according to numerous stories online, Francisco’s fiancee Daian Pena gave birth to twins in September of 2009, so I assume it is her father.

Here’s an excerpt from a New York Daily News article that mentions Daian Pena and also has some interesting quotes about K-Rod and his “calm” nature:

“Because of my personality out there on the field, people think I’m arrogant. Sometimes people can say I’m a hot dog. People only have the first reaction when they see you out there on the mound,” says Rodriguez. “They think you are the same way outside. Outside the field I’m totally different. I’m really calm. I like to mess around a lot. I joke around a lot. I like to have fun, in a good way. And that’s me. People have to think the opposite because they don’t know me. Outside the field, I’m a totally different guy.”

He is a father of three – his son Deiker is 8, and his daughters Destiny and Adriana live with his ex-fiancee, an American, in Orange County. He hopes to have more children with Daian – “five more, so I can have a whole infield,” he says, laughing.

For those of you in a fantasy playoff race, here’s the official word from

“Francisco could be in real trouble and may be in danger of missing games. Save chances could go to a variety of different relievers if K-Rod does needs to miss time. He has been charged with third-degree assault, so that seems likely.”

Top photo: REUTERS/Robert Galbraith