VIDEO Michael Jackson Is Alive!

Michael Jackson is still alive video still

Watch this remarkable video, which proves without a doubt that the King of Pop Michael Jackson is still alive! Well, that’s what the folks over at are claiming and it has started quite the buzz on the interwebs. I watched the video and I think it’s actually Elvis…or maybe John Lennon. Either way, it’s somebody sneaking out of the back of a coroner’s van, and that ain’t right!

Here’s what says about the video:

This video shows that Michael was still alive after his dead body was transported to the Los Angeles Dept. of Coroner I checked the license plate number and it looks like the King of Pop is jumping out of the same van, his dead body has been in. I got the original video tape from a trustworthy source. I know him for years. And I am sure it´s real and Michael is alive.

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