VIDEO Complete Interview Kate Gosselin on Larry King Live 8-25-09

Kate Gosselin on Larry King Live

Kate Gosselin went on Larry King Live tonight to address some of the controversial issues swirling around her and husband Jon Gosselin. The main issues are the fallout of the divorce on the children and Jon’s very public “wild” life of partying and his relationships with multiple women. Here is the interview in three parts from youtube:

And here’s the interview from CNN:

Kate has been given a leg up in the court of public opinion thanks to Jon’s excessive duochebaggery, but until now she hasn’t really been capitalizing on that advantage. But, it appears she’s finally taking the “high road” and seems to be the first to turn her focus on the children instead of her self. Now, if she just drops some of her peripheral projects like writing books and public speaking engagements and focuses on being a mother to her eight children she (and her kids) could still come out of this OK. (I hate to say it bu the spin doctor in me would also advise that she remain single for a while.)

Here is a sneak peek from next week’s episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8:

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