VIDEO Marko Germar’s unforgettable tribute to his mom on So You Think You Can Dance

Lady Gaga brought to tears by Marko Germar on So You Think You Can Dance

When you write about TV all the time it’s a challenge to keep yourself from getting an attitude of being above it all. Sometimes moments happen that humble you and remind you that this format can floor you with life affirming moments which was the case when Marko Germar performed a beautiful and touching dance dedicated to his mother last night on So You Think You Can Dance.

Lady Gaga was a guest judge who along with most of the audience which included Marko’s mom, who had flown in to watch her son all the way from Guam, was brought to tears, flowing tears, by this young man’s passionate portrayal of his familial love. He performed alongside professional Allison Holker to the late Jeff Buckley’s heart stopping song “I Know It’s Over.” Amazing:

Gaga was asked to comment first and she had to collect herself before speaking. Whether you’re a “little monster” or not it’s moments like these that remind you of why she is so popular and vital; she is emotionally alive, she reflects her life through passion and her art and it’s impossible not to see that for better or for worse. She said of Germar’s dance:

“I’m just so proud of you … you really love to dance and I know your mom’s here. There were so, so many things I did wrong when I was younger, and so many things I wish I could take back. And I felt every moment of that through your dance tonight. You are absolutely incredible, and congratulations.”

When Germar spoke he affirmed Gaga’s thoughts about the night:

“I actually dedicated that piece to her. I wasn’t the best kid — I was a bit of a brat — I said some things and I wanted to make sure, you know, I’m sorry, I love you.”

The final judge speaking, Nigel Lythgoe, summed it up the best in realizing that he was within a moment that extended past the parameters of just a TV show:

“I’m sorry Cat I can’t be quick about this because I think we’ve just seen a moment here that is more than the competition. This isn’t now about coming first, second or third. Just watching this and seeing how he danced and how he’s taken this opportunity of speaking to his mother who I know supported him throughout his dancing. I think it’s an absolute remarkable moment that a son can turn around and say, “I love you,” because so many of us didn’t do that and so many of us now don’t have the opportunity of doing it and I do hope that other people watching this show tonight turn around to their mothers and say what they want to say while they have the opportunity of doing so.”

Perfectly said and, “I love you momma!”

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