SPOILER Get Cassie’s real identity from tonight’s Catfish Season 2 premiere

Cassandra Chery from Catfish Season 2

Get your rod, reel and tackle ready. Season 2 of MTV’s critically acclaimed show Catfish is premiering tonight and they’ve provided us a 10 minute preview as if we weren’t amped enough already.

In addition, this preview provided us enough clues to do our own Nev Schulmanhunting and we’ve discovered the full identity of Episode 1’s Cassie (revealed below).

Nev and Max are back and since the end of Season 1, Nev points out that he’s received somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 emails from folks looking to find out if they’re being “catfished” online. From this point on I’ll go ahead and stamp this SPOILERTIME – just in case you wanna see the episode in full and keep the subject of the show’s identity secret!

The first episode features Cassie from Miami, Florida. Her email starts off ominous enough. “Hey Nev, I need help in meeting my fiance.” Cassie provides a background about her father being murdered during a trip to Haiti and how the tragedy led her down a dark path of alcohol abuse and promiscuity.

Cassandra Chery from Catfish Season 2 premiere

During this difficult period in her life she meets Steven Gomez (from Atlanta) who says he’s an aspiring rapper. Steven helps her get her life back on track and they maintain the online long-distance relationship for over 2-years. Cassie reveals that she proposed to him!

Cassie’s full name is Cassandra Brigette Chery and as the preview indicated she’s an employee at Miami’s 96.5. She’s also a student at FIU according to her Twitter account.

You can check out Cassandra’s Twitter account here. Her Facebook page here. And her official YouTube channel here.

Speaking of YouTube and aspiring rappers, Cassandra laid down her own freestyle rap to show off her game. Here it is but lemme warn you it is packed full of explicit lyrics so don’t watch it if that type of stuff offends you (seriously on this one):

While we’ve already provided enough spoilage I’m not gonna reveal any info on the status of her and Steve’s relationship. There are some clues via her Twitter and a dead giveaway on her Facebook timeline, so if you just have to know – you can check there!

Catfish Season 2 premieres tonight on MTV at 10/9c.

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