VIDEO Brittany Murphy’s neighbor recounts paramedics’ attempts to save Brittany

Brittany Murphy's neighbor answers questions about her death

Here is a video interview with Brittany Murphy’s Los Angeles neighbor Claire Staples who describes the paramedics attempts to resuscitate Brittany, saying the actress was “fairly obviously dead.”

Staples says she was walking her dogs when she walked by Murphy on a gurney, claiming she was within a foot of her.

Here is some of what Staples had to say:

“I saw the firemen bring he down on a gurney and they were trying to resuscitate her all the way down to the firetruck. And then they had her by the firetruck and they were obviously trying to put tubes down her throat to resuscitate her and I think she was fairly obviously dead at that time so…”

In describing Brittany Murphy’s husband she states, “He was in his pajama bottoms without any shoes on and he was just walking around completely dazed and in shock. He wasn’t even really at the gurney, he was just staggering around.”

Source: TMZ
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