VIDEO: Brad Pitt’s “ordinary” brother Doug stars in a Virgin Mobile commercial,

Compared to Brad Pitt, his brother Doug probably has very little money and enjoys very few luxuries. Compared to the rest of the world, Doug Pitt is a rich dude living a very comfortable life. Now he’s even richer because he took a Vigin Mobile Australia endorsement deal, and the ad went super viral, so he’s famous to boot. He’s also got an appealing dorkish charm (he kind of looks like Zach Braff) that his brother lacks.

What does Doug do?

He’s actually a real estate developer and photojournalist, and he’s also an advisor for Africa 6000 International. In 2010 he was named the Goodwill Ambassador for Tanzania. Doug was moved to become a photojournalist when he visited Africa for the first time and saw the poverty, and the lack of clean water.

He’s a partner at Coryell Miller Pitt Multifamily in Springfield Missouri, a real estate development firm that states on their site that they’ve been able to remain steady and successful during a terrible period for the real estate market:

Coryell Miller Pitt Multifamily has a track record of success and has performed with integrity during the recent downturn. We have no history of “workouts” and no troubled assets. In the past several years, we have grown rents, trimmed expenses, completed projects and performed on all loans. In fact, the partners of Coryell Miller Pitt Multifamily have been the rare exception by persevering and continuing to develop new projects during the recession. We have closed over $40 million in new construction financing since 2008 in the midst of a tremendous credit crunch.

Here’s the commercial, it’s really not particularly funny, but it’s cute. It pokes fun at the observation that Dough’s actually living a pretty nice life above by proclaiming that they’re trying to inject Doug’s “boring” suburban life with “a taste of his brother’s lifestyle, starting with his first ever celebrity endorsement:”

Funny, or no? What do you think Doug should celebrity endorse next?