VIDEO Amazing Army Wives Season 6 preview trailer “Riders On The Storm”

Army Wives Season 6 Riders On The Storm trailer

We have a new lead contender for the 2012 “Most Dramatically Artsy Preview Trailer” EMMY Award! Check out this stunning video promoting the upcoming sixth season of Lifetime’s popular drama series Army Wives featuring the ladies barefoot and walking the streets of a soon-to-be storm ravaged town to a slowed down and estrogenized version of “Riders On The Storm.”

WOW! As you might expect the clip has created quite the buzz, not only because of the theatrical dramatics but because of the song. So who is the Jane Morrison chanteuse performing the Doors classic?

Her name is Megan Washington, but she currently just goes by the name Washington. “She weighs half as much as her keyboard but she could punch out your Dad,” it states in her bio. “She grew up in Papua New Guinea so she is a wild girl that knows which tree has water in it’s trunk, but she speaks French and wears couture even though she can’t afford groceries.”

Megan Washington

Under the name Washington she released the album I Believe You Liar in July of 2010 and she has a number of EP releases to her credit, including Rich Kids Insomnia, and How To Tame Lions.

Sadly, I couldn’t find anywhere online where you could either listen to or download her complete version of “Riders On The Storm.” If you see one, feel free to comment below and we’ll try to add the link to the post! Until then, give a listen to these tunes by Washington, starting off with “Bed of Nails,” which is the main song used in the ABC1 television series Bed of Roses.

And here is her latest single titled “Holy Moses:”

Not enough info on Megan Washington for you? Here you go!

Be sure to tune in for the sixth season of Army Wives, returning to Lifetime in March, 2012!

Army Wives Season 6 coming in March 2012