Joss Stone testifies in attempted kidnapping & murder by decapitation trial

Joss Stone attends the Turns on the Christmas lights at Hard Rock Cafe Piccadilly in London, England.

The murder plot trial of Kevin Liverpool, 35, and Junior Bradshaw, 32, began today, nearly two years after the two were arrested outside English singer Joss Stone’s Devon home carrying a Samurai sword, hammers, and a knife. The pair allegedly planned to kidnap the singer and decapitate her, all because she was “connected” to British royalty.

According to prosecutors, graphic notes were found in the pair’s possession in which they threatened to “decapitate” Joss who they refer to as a “she-devil in the flesh.” They also said that the Samurai sword was “a very handy weapon” for decapitation. Other notes read, “Jocelyn RIP,” “find river to dump her,” and “look for jewellery box.”

“The documents appear to express disapproval of the Royal family and the Queen. Joss Stone associates with members of the Royal family — her concerts have been attended by members of it and she was invited to the Royal wedding,” said prosecutor Simon Morgan. “The defendants didn’t like that and made remarks about the Queen. Hence she becomes a target. The documents express their hatred of her. With this arsenal of weapons it is obvious they were intent upon serious violence. The intended target is Joss Stone — their intention was to rob and kill her.”

The 25-year-old Stone took to the stand today and revealed that the planned attack was a complete surprise. She said her security had never received any sort of threat and that she felt so safe she often left her door unlocked — a practice she has since abandoned completely. “I’ve lived in Devon for a long time and nobody really shuts their door,” she said.

When asked about her connection to the royal family, Joss said the only connection she had was that she had “sung for them a couple of times,” including the Concert for Diana at Wembley Stadium in 2007. “After that, there was another charity event for [Prince] Harry,” she continued. “I guess they just invited me because they thought it was nice to invite me.”

Liverpool and Bradshaw were arrested at Joss’ home in June of 2011 after being reported by Joss’s neighbors. Despite previous reports to the contrary, Joss was inside her home at the time, but thankfully the two men were apprehended before entering.

Liverpool and Bradshaw were reportedly able to canvass the interior of Joss Stone’s home by watching MTV’s Cribs.

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