Tweenlight Issue 1 – Starring Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart

I was rifling through a dumpster and found the original storyboards for Twilight! (What are the odds?) Amazingly, there are also storyboards for Twilight: New Moon as well as several other future sequels, and depending on how well this example is received, I might be publishing some of those in the future as well.

Tweenlight number 1 Twilight cartoon

(If you’d like to see a zoomed in image of the last cornified panel with Robert Pattinson, just click here)

UPDATE 5/22/09 Tweenlight #002 has just been published! It’s a scene from New Moon called “Werewolf Blitzkrieg” – check it out by clicking here!

UPDATE 5/23/09 Tweenlight #003 is now up too!