In Touch’s fabricated cover of Bruce Jenner as a woman enrages family, general public

In Touch Magazine Bruce Jenner Woman Cover

The newest edition of In Touch features Bruce Jenner’s face on the cover — under the Photoshopped guise of a woman’s lipstick, blush and outfit.

The front-and-center picture is accompanied by the headline “Bruce’s Story: My Life As a Woman,” which makes it sound like he’s offering up his testimonial. The story promises to explain “what he told the Kardashians” and how “Kris panics over his big announcement.” Although the credibility of the whole story is less than Kim Kardashian’s as a legitimate actress, at least one part of it seems to be true: According to TMZ, Kris is panicked and outraged by the story.

“It’s just mean to do whether or not it’s true,” Kris allegedly told friends. She supposedly added “she has contempt for the mag jumping to conclusions and then altering the image to fit its story.”

And Kris isn’t alone. Both fans and non-fans of the family are speaking out against In Touch for the distasteful depiction. As one said on Twitter, “I’m not the biggest fan of this family but you have to draw the line of hate at some point! This was outta line.”

However, for his part, Bruce reportedly isn’t fazed by stories he’s transitioning. As one friend said of Bruce’s attitude, “He doesn’t even pay attention to this stuff.”

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