TIKTOK Was Tam Lancaster once The Disney Channel’s biggest star? What show was she on?

Tam Lancaster (@tamlancaster), a 21-year-old British nursing student had a video hit over 2 million views in 2 days because it claimed she was “literally” The Disney Channel’s “biggest star in 2007-10” over a snippet of The Cardigan’s “Lovefool.” She included one hashtag: #ForgottenStars. The only problem is that not only is she not immediately recognizable, but a search for her name brings back no information about what show she may have starred in. Is this real, or a joke?

People in the comments are trying to sleuth out what she’s talking about, but come up empty. They’ve pointed out that she’s from the UK, which has it’s own Disney Channel shows, but that doesn’t explain why she’s not popping up in search results if she really was the #1 star for four years. Others speculate that maybe she was a voice actor, but, again, she would appear in credits if that were the case. If Tam IS a Disney star the only answer would be that she went by a different name.

People are getting very angry that they can’t figure out the riddle, and are taking it as far as sending Tam death threats in her DMs. She eventually pinned a few comments saying that this was, indeed, a joke and that this was inspired by some other videos that the audience viewing the video aren’t aware of.

“I know yall mad i haven’t made a ShoW RevEaL yet but you can’t be leaving me death threats in my insta DMS&comments,” she writes. “it’s not that deep x.”

“it’s literally a joke, yall clearly haven’t seen the original videos,” she continues, admitting that it’s a joke. “just chill out and stop telling me to kms.”

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