Snoop Dogg’s senior portrait from high school yearbook is the shizzle

Snoop Dogg high school yearbook senior photo

Thanks to the magic of Reddit we can all now gaze in wonder at the awesomizzle that is Snoop Dogg’s senior photo from his high school yearbook. In the picture young Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. is lookin’ sharp in a suit and tie with smile for miles. It was taken waaay back in 1989 when Snoop (or “Snoopy” as his family used to call him as a kid) was a senior at Long Beach Polytechnic High School.

And speaking of LBPHS, Cameron Diaz is also an alum. She was a year behind Snoop and told George Lopez that she’s “pretty sure” she bought weed from him:

I don’t know – Cameron says Snoop “wore lots of pony tails [on] his head” in the clip — and looking at his photo above, that doesn’t seem to jibe. Of course, Snoop could have got out the trimmer prior to posin’ for his senior portrait, so maybe Cameron’s memory is accurate.

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