Rumor Roundup: Why Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris split


Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may never, ever, ever be getting back together–but it certainly appears as if they’ve ended things on good terms. That is, if you believe what they had to say about it!

People reported on the breakup on Wednesday, citing sources who said “There was no drama. Things just don’t work out sometimes… No one cheated.”

Harris broke his silence on the separation in a message via Twitter that Swift also retweeted:

Swift had been dating the 32-year-old DJ for 15 months. Here’s a brief rumor mill break down for the #Taylvin split to tide us all over on the reasons why until Taylor tells all on her next album:

People: Harris wasn’t into all the intense attention he was getting from being in such a high profile relationship.
People part 2: Harris was intimidated by all of Taylor’s success and wouldn’t attend events in which she was being honored.
E! News: The pair were more like friends than lovers.
E! News part 2: Harris was bored with Swift and was looking for a way out for a while.
Hollywood Life: Harris wasn’t happy about that dance Taylor had with Tom Hiddleston.
The Sun: Taylor Swift shook the chains of love off after it became apparent that Calvin didn’t want to get married.
Page Six: Harris had been engagement ring shopping for Swift before she dumped him over some “bulls**t excuse about her career.”

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