RHOBH’s Dana Wilkey releases single “$25,000” with Skullee

Dana Wilkey $25,000 sunglasses animated gif

The Bravo music train just keeps rolling! “Friend of” The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Dana Wilkey is the latest Bravolebrity to try her hat in the musical arena with the techno dance single “25,000.” The song is an attempt to turn lead into gold as Dana takes her annoying catch phrase (inspired by her repeatedly pointing out on the Season 2 premiere that her sunglasses cost $25,000) and pairs it with her similarly annoying propensity for label name dropping, then sets them both to an electronic beat. The result? Pretty much what you would expect.

Oof. I don’t know who Skullee is, but he (she?) might as well go ahead and change his name. No amount of success will ever keep people from making that condescendingly sympathetic face and saying, “Yeah, but ‘25,000.’”

Apparently this tree fell in the forest a week ago and nobody was there to hear it. I’ll let you ponder the Zen implications of that while we check out the official artwork for the single:

Cover art for Skullee single 25,000 featuring Dana Wilkey of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Those glasses look like they should be on the cover of the single “Two Fifty” not “25,000!” And hand-drawn diamonds? That was a, ummmmm, bold move?

I don’t know that these words have ever been combined before, but Kim Zolciak may have been prophetic with her release “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party.” It seems the world could take one bad song by a Real Housewife and that was it. Although we’ve all enjoyed such campy classics as “Money Can’t By You Class” and “On Display,” “Tardy For The Party” was, and will probably remain so until the end of time, the only bona fide “hit” single.

The worst part is that the only truly talented singer on any of the franchises has been completely unable to capitalize on the publicity from the show as well! Poor Kandi Burruss (a legit Grammy-winning songwriter and great singer) hasn’t even matched the success of “Tardy for the Party” – a song that she basically put together for Kim – with her releases since going on the show. I’m guessing if Kandi gave an honest, heart-to-heart interview about that whole experience and what it’s done to her opinion of people’s taste in music, it would be really, really pessimistic.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Dana Wilkey. Not that it matters. The handful of people that started this article were most assuredly run off after pressing play on the Youtube clip, so this is basically an entry in my own personal journal that no one will read. I’m going to put in a random image and preface it with something that makes it seem like it relates to the article just for fun 🙂

See, this is exactly what I’m talking about:

Falling bear photo

R.I.P. Falling Bear.

You can download “25,000” from amazon – just click the link.