REPORT RHOC’s Peggy Tanous faces foreclosure, owes $1.54 million in mortgage payments

Peggy Tanous home

In “Where Are They Now? Former Bravo Reality Stars Edition” news, it appears as though former Real Housewives of Orange County star Peggy Tanous is still dealing with financial issues that caused her to file for bankruptcy in February of 2013. The 45-year-old mother of two is reportedly a little bit behind on her mortgage payments of $6,000 a month (as in 75 MONTHS BEHIND) for her Irvine, California home and currently owes $1.54 million on the property, which is currently valued at only $840,000.

According to Radar Online, U.S. Bank has filed court papers asking a bankruptcy judge to free the property from bankruptcy protection due to the fact that Peggy has no (actually, WAY less than zero) equity in the home. And the numbers are actually worse than they appear because Peggy took out a second mortgage on the property with another bank for $300,000!

As we previously reported, when Peggy filed for bankruptcy in 2013 she listed her marital status as divorced, although she and husband (ex-husband?) Micah Tanous appear to still be together. (On the bankruptcy filing, Peggy listed her annual income as $30,000 with the bulk of that coming from $2,500 in child support payments from Micah.) Although Peggy has never admitted publicly that they are divorced, many have speculated it was a calculated move to help divide and protect the couple’s assets.

As far as what Peggy Tanous is up to now, it appears to be pretty much the same as it’s always been as she continues to pursue screen time with yet another reality show venture of some sort (I assume). She recently posted a photo of camera crews filming her family (inside the house she owes more than a million dollars on I’m guessing):


Crews also looked to be filming Peggy’s daughters at school:


In addition to filming her new project, Peggy continues her Bravontrepreneur hustling elsewhere as well, landing on the cover of the recent issue of Stars Illustrated magazine, selling TurfEvolutions Synthetic Lawns (???), and releasing her Total Body Workout With Your Toddler DVD in which she uses her daughter London as a weight for a series of workout routines:

Meanwhile, Peggy and Micah appear to still be living the high life and looking like the happiest divorced couple in reality television history:


Also, Micah’s dad Craig Cary actually ran for mayor of La Quinta in November, 2014! Unfortunately he lost the election. Perhaps there was a scandal involving his son and a fake divorce? 😉

FUN FACT – Did you know that Peggy Tanous may very well be the only Real Housewife with a rookie card? Click here to check out her run of collectable Benchwarmer pin-up cards when she went by the names Peggy Farney and Peggy Tyler!

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