REPORT Lindsay Lohan had London police escort her 10 feet to private party


Lindsay Lohan’s Hollywood star hasn’t necessarily been rising of late, but that didn’t stop the actress from seeking the “A-List” treatment during her outing last night in London.

The 27-year-old, who’s spending some time across the big pond, contacted the London Metropolitan Police to meet her outside of a building where she was attending a private party. Although the Austin Martin she rode in only parked 10 feet away, Lohan had the police escort her to the premises.

There were paparazzi on hand (see above photo) and The Daily Mail writes that Lindsay requested that the photogs be “arrested for loitering.”

The tabloids over in the UK, as well as back in the U.S.A., are reporting that Lohan has been seeing part-time model and student Christian Arno Williams.

Christian Arno Williams modeling
Lindsay Lohan’s rumored new romance – Christian Arno Williams

The two are said to have first met at the Shanghai Fashion Awards in China.