Rebel Wilson has a law degree, and uses it!

Rebel Wilson has a back-up plan if things ever head south in her acting career. The funnylady has a law degree, and while she’s never practiced law, she does use what she learned in law school to look over and draw her own work contracts.

She plays a lawyer in her new show Super Fun Night, which premieres tonight 9:30 p.m., ABC, a detail she says they worked into the show because of her legal experience. She joked on GMA this morning “If anybody gets arrested right now, I could maybe help.”

Although she was only kidding, she does put her degree to good use. In 2011 she told U.K.’s Glamour “People are always surprised that a girl who looks so stupid is a qualified lawyer. I still don’t have a lawyer here in America yet, so I read all my contracts and negotiate my own deals.”


Rebel went to law school in Australia while dipping her toe in stand-up comedy, but decided to go to acting school after she was deeply affected by a hallucination she had when she contracted malaria. In that 2012 recounting of her malaria-inspired acting career, Rebel says that she left law school to go to acting school, but multiple reports have confirmed that she finished degrees in both performing arts AND law at the University of New South Wales.

Either way, the girl has options.”I didn’t have an opportunity to practice, but you never know,” she’s said. “One day, if things don’t work out, I might be a barrister!”

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