Real Housewives of Alabama? TLC to premiere ‘Bama Belles’ December 5

Bama Belles Val Tignini, Amie Pollard, Melissa McLaney, Jana Roberts Dakota Redding

TLC continues to try to recapture the reality show gold it had in Jon and Kate Plus 8‘s heyday, following up it’s controversial and successful polygamist reality series Sister Wives with a quintet of ‘Bama mamas from the small town of Dothan, Alabama in a new limited-run series titled Bama Belles set to premiere December 5. (Watch the promo video HERE!)

“Bama Belles is exploring a group of women, a city and a life that we think our viewers will really connect to. TLC is taking a real look at the southern lifestyle of these women in a relatable and fun way,” said Nancy Daniels, Senior Vice President of Production and Development for the network.

The national exposure could bring new meaning to Dothan catch-phrase “Come on in, satellite!” as the Wiregrass prepares itself to be the epicenter of Southern reality television – outside of the Bravo peaches on Real Housewives of Atlanta, of course. (I won’t admit to why I am aware of the great Dothanite Red Holland!)

UPDATE – When I initially wrote this post I researched the five ladies that will be appearing on the show and for whatever reason wasn’t able to find anything on Dakota Redding on first glance so her image wasn’t included in the beautiful piece of graphic design artistry you see above. Since that time Dakota has shown herself to be a forgiving soul and has provided an image for us to use. In case you’re a little too lazy to keep reading this post all the way to the end, Dakota Redding is described in the TLC press release as “a 24-year-old physical therapist and member of the army reserve. She is a tobacco chewing cowgirl who is about to enlist full time in the military.” (It doesn’t mention she’s a ‘Bama babe!)

So, without further ado, I’d like to insert the visage of Dakota now…

Bama Belles Dakota Redding picture

Here is the press release from TLC including brief bios of the five ‘Bama Belles to be featured on the show:


Limited series, following five distinct southern women, premieres on 12/5 at 10PM

Los Angeles, CA – TLC is set to premiere the new limited series BAMA BELLES, a docu-series following a group of down-home Alabama women as they juggle their careers, home lives and relationships with one another. The series will air as three one-hour episodes over three consecutive weeks and debuts on December 5th at 10PM only on TLC.

These women, who reside in rural Dothan, Alabama, deal with everything from packed work schedules, to packing a lunch. They get down and dirty in the south hunting, fishing, four wheeling and tailgating at stock car races. These larger than life Southerners show everyone how real women do it on the other side of the Mason Dixon line.

Meet the gals of Bama Belles:

Amie Pollard – a 39 year old mother, radio personality and real estate developer who is brash and unapologetic. She is everyone’s best friend, that is, until you cross her. She and her family are completely self made.

Melissa McLaney – a 35 year old mother, ex beauty queen and business owner who is always striving to be perfect. She gave up her well paid job to set up a family business with her husband, which they are now struggling to keep afloat.

Jana Roberts – a 28 year old preacher’s daughter and beautician. She and her husband, a former Met’s pitcher, are on an emotional roller coaster as they go through IVF.

Val Tignini – a 26 year old internet entrepreneur who is a fish out of water in the deep south. After visiting her friend Amie while on a media tour for her website, she decides to move from New York to Dothan.

Dakota Redding – a 24 year old physical therapist and member of the army reserve. She is a tobacco chewing cowgirl who is about to enlist full time in the military.

Bama Belles is produced for TLC by BBC Worldwide Productions. Executive Producers are Andy Frank, John Hesling and Melody Shafir.