Presley Ca$h from The Hollywood Complex landed a TLC reality show


I’m a fan of Presley Ca$h. I realized this when I heard she and her mom Sandy were getting a TLC special that could turn into a reality show, and I felt an itch of glee in my heart.

Presley Ca$h is a stage name, of course. The now 15-year-old’s real name is Megan Haun, and when she was eight years old she and her mother moved out to L.A. from Missouri, where her father still works to support the family. Armed with nothing but a few commercials Megan booked in Missouri and a fierce ambition, the pair took up residence in an unfurnished room of the Oakwood Apartments, a complex that welcomes families of young children who want to break into the entertainment biz. The Oakwood is busiest during “pilot season” when there are the most opportunities for aspiring child actors, and during that time they offer workshops and other activities to the visiting families. When Presley was 11, she and her mom were the breakout stars of an engrosing documentary about Oakwood called The Hollywood Complex, (available to stream on Netflix.)

The Brauns risked everything for this dream, and even though they had seen nothing but rejection, they just couldn’t give it up. On The Hollywood Complex it was painful to watch them be taken advantage by one of the many predatory companies that feed on Hollywood dreams. There are no doubt a plethora of people in Hollywood willing to sell empty encouragement at a premium price.

As of last year, Sandy estimates that they’e spent over $160,000 trying to stay in L.A. and keep going. Thanks to The Hollywood Complex, and their potential reality show, maybe they finally have a compelling reason to stick around, and while I want to see this reality show happen, part of me wants them to just live a quiet, peaceful life with their family in Missouri, and stop chasing after the illusion of Hollywood. I’m not sure if Presley has even a sliver of a chance at a solid acting or singing career, but she and her mom are magnetic to watch when they’re just being themselves. I just can’t wait to see more of them.

Besides The Hollywood Complex, Presley’s other notable claims to fame are major part in Taylor Swift’s “Mean” music video, and having her mother dissected by Anderson Cooper and Kelly Cutrone on Anderson’s daytime talk show last year.

The TLC pilot Raising Fame featuring Presley and two other girls including aspiring pop singer D’Lannie Brown, chasing the dream premieres August 7 at 9:30/8:30 p.m. CST.



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