Pizza’s on Gaga! Lady GaGa orders $1000 in pizza for fans in line at an album signing

Lady Gaga signs autographs in LA

I’ve also found Lady GaGa to be extraordinarily loyal to and thankful for her fans, but this is really the best. While others opt to desert a throng of patient fans waiting for a signing, GaGa bought 80 pizzas for a group of her fans that were waiting all night at and L.A. Best Buy for an album signing. She spent over $1,000 on the venture and had 40 cheese pizzas delivered from Papa Johns at 3p.m., and 40 at 6p.m. After waiting in line all night, I’m sure most of them were getting dizzy. Thanks to Gaga herself, they hopefully had the energy to enjoy meeting her.

All this AND she breaks liquor bottles on an piano engulfed in flames!

Lady Gaga arrives for a CD signing in Los Angeles

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