PHOTOS Pizza Hut is bringing its hot dog stuffed crust to America

Hot Dog Three



Pizza Hut has already popularized the cheese-stuffed crust, and then went on to one-up-slash-out-disgust themselves by filling crusts with cheese *and* bacon. This summer, the company looks to reach peak America by finally introducing U.S. customers to something a select few international customers have actually had for some time: a hot dog stuffed crust.

The hot dog stuffed crust is no new thing in South Korea. (Here is a goofy and hilariously American commercial promoting it there.) Pizza Hut rolled out the hot dog stuffed crust in the U.K. just a touch over three years ago, and did the same in Canada just under three years ago, starting in the fall of 2012. So, if you’re a real American, you’re as happy about getting hot dogs baked into the crust of your pizza as you are upset that Canada got it first.

The company has all but confirmed the debut of its world-famous hot dog stuffed crust via a series of coy promotional flyers and subtle pseudo-hints. One such flyer features packets of ketchup and mustard and the eye roll-inducing tagline “Frankly, it’s gonna be a total game-changer.” Another image depicts a Venn diagram with overlapping circles for “Pizza” and “Hot dog.”

According to the promos, hot dog stuffed crust pizza will be available starting June 18th, or exactly one week from today. And according to the CEO of Yum! Brands, which owns Pizza Hut, the company’s recent attempt at millenializing Pizza Hut failed dismally: “We haven’t been as effective as we’d like with our marketing, and need to balance its appeal to millennials with mainstream pizza customers.” It’s hard not to read an insult in the phrase “mainstream pizza customers;” it’s also hard to see how this won’t be a hit.


(Photo credits: Pizza Hut)

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