PHOTOS VIDEOS Natalie Portman’s thonged butt censored from ‘Your Highness’ trailer

It’s amazing the difference a few square inches of fabric can make!

Concerned that Natalie Portman’s racy thong scene from the red band trailer for the comedy Your Highness might be a bit too much for PG audiences, Universal Studios gobbled up some graphic designer’s time by making him or her Photoshop a bikini bottom over top of Natalie’s portside:

I can’t imagine a more fruitless job than Photoshopping clothes ON Natalie Portman! And from the looks of things the person who did its heart just wasn’t in it. I’ve seen better fake clothes on TBS airings of Showgirls!

Here’s one more Natalie Portside-by-side followed by the two trailers, beginning with the thong version. (The scene begins right around the 1:05 mark.) To see more still images from the original red band trailer be sure to check out our original Natalie Portman Your Highness thong post HERE.