PHOTOS VIDEO Angela as a sexy nurse from The Office’s Halloween costume contest

Angela from The Office as a sexy nurse

The Office delivered yet another hilarious Halloween-themed episode last night with “Costume Contest” featuring a plethora of outfits ranging from MacGruber to a trans-gendered Lady Gaga! But without a doubt there was one outfit that stole the show and that was the chronically conservative accountant Angela, who started out as an adorable penguin, but walked the contest runway in a Frederick’s of Hollywood inspired sexy nurse costume!

Angela from The Office models a sexy nurse Halloween costume


As you might have guessed there was a costume contest in the office as everyone was competing for a $15,000 coupon book, which Oscar pointed out would require spending over $200,000 to get the full $15k in savings. Angela, as you might expect, thought the prize was great and she was willing to do whatever it took to win it!

Here is how she defended her costume:

They were sold out of all the other costumes, OK? We all live in the real world here. Let’s not pretend to be unaware of what sells in this office.

Angela, THAT sells everywhere!

Here’s the clip of Angela in her sexy nurse outfit going down the runway and then defending herself in an interview:

You didn’t think that was it did you? No, no ,no! Starcasm is here for all of you sex-crazed readers out there! Personally I couldn’t care less about Angela’s sexy petite frame wrapped tightly in that little white outfit with that luscious lacy cleavage and those thigh-high stockings looking all…. What? Oh yeah, anyway here are some more photos for all you other people unlike me:

Angela Kinsey in a sexy nurse Halloween costume on The Office

Angela sexy nurse costume photos

And for the heck of it, how ’bout the complete episode?!?

And one last parting look…

Angela from The Office as a sexy nurse

Photos: NBC