PHOTOS Suzy Hotrod brings roller derby heat to ESPN “Body Issue”

ESPN the Magazine "Body Issue" Suzy Hotrod

Some guys are all about a girl rockin’ out on heavy metal drums or a model chillaxin’ in a bikini but give me a tatted out ass-kicking babe blasting the rails on a roller derby team any day!

On that note, I was pleasantly aroused surprised to see Gotham Girl Suzy Hotrod included in ESPN the Magazine’s fantastic “Body Issue.” This now annual event includes many big names from the world of sports posing artistically in the buff in various athletic forms. The pieces are tastefully done and reflect the nature of the person being photographed and the nuances of the sport they participate in.

This is certainly the case for Suzy H. as her images show a determined spirit and a super sexy alternative themed body. Her ink pops and her body flat out looks great as she flies through the air on her skates. Suzy said of the spread that:

“Gotham Girl’s PR representative Evilicious coordinated with the magazine to answer the request. She does so much work for our league. We would not nearly be as in the spotlight with the media as we are without her tireless efforts.”

Suzy Hotrod Roller Derby

In a letter to Derby Life Suzy Hotrod emphasized how important the exposure of her exposure would be for the sport. In part she wrote:

I am an athlete just like the rest of the people in the magazine. Yes, I play the SPORT of roller derby. I’m a female athlete who has a lot of networking to do and people to meet. I may not have an agent or a publicist but I am ready to attend this fancy pants event and be the agent for our sport for the night. I’ve done research on all of the other athletes in the magazine so I can act cool when I beg them to take a photo with me. (Top of my list being Apollo Ohno so I can tell him he’s the reason we jump up 1000’s of stairs) I have done research on how many roller derby leagues are in WFTDA, and how many countries derby is played in all over the world. I’m going to tell everyone about roller derby and what we’ve created.

You can check out more great images from ESPN’s spread here and more of Suzy Hotrod via her official Facebook page here. Other notable athletes featured this year include Hope Solo, Apollo Ohno and Jose Reyes just to mention a few.

Photos: Peter Hapak -> ESPN the Magazine

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