Nicki Minaj models new Kmart collection clothes, plus preview photos

Nicki Minaj Kmart clothes

Kmart made the official announcement back in January that they would be partnering with singer Nicki Minaj on a brand new line of fashion and accessories schedules to hit stores some time this year. Though The Nicki Minaj Collection is not available for purchase quite yet, Nicki posted some photos of herself modeling a few of the looks on instagram last week!

I’m a sucker for star maps (of the astronomical variety as opposed to the Hollywood tourist kind) and the favorite of the three preview looks would have to be the two-piece pictured above that features a long-sleeve crop top and matching leggings, both with an astronomical print. (Astronomical body not included.)

The next look includes a zip-up jacket with a more colorful, but still astronomical, print with a pair of black pants featuring Nicki’s crown logo in embroidery on the front left:

Kmart's The Nicki Minaj Collection jacket pants

Nicki wrote along with the photo above, “Studio outfit. Each piece has the matching top/bottom. Love this jacket. #prettygang #thenickiminajcollection”

And finally, we have a one-piece brocade print dress that Nicki described by writing, “One of my dresses. Hugs u in all the right places. #thenickiminajcollection”

Nicki Minaj Collection dress from Kmart

It certainly does a lot of hugging! And Nicki sure has a lot of “right places!” 🙂

“I am so excited to work with this iconic, mass retailer and to bring affordable fashion to my beautiful barbz all across the U.S.,” said Nicki Minaj in the initial press release announcing the collaboration, which is scheduled to be available sometime this fall.

Here are some more photos of The Nicki Minaj Collection from Kmart taken from an unembeddable preview video clip in which Nicki talks about what she wants from the collection:

The Nicki Minaj Collection from Kmart photos

“Comfortable equals confidence, that’s what I would say.” – Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj Collection clothes from Kmart

Kmart's Nicki Minaj Collection dresses

“I’m doing this for women in general to feel beautiful and sexy, and any woman can wear it and feel confident.” – Nicki Minaj on her Kmart collection.

Kmart's the Nicki Minaj Collection samples board

Joining Nicki Minaj in the new joint launch with Kmart and the social shopping platform is The Voice coach and Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine.

“We are thrilled to align Kmart and SHOP YOUR WAY with two of America’s superstars,” said Imran Jooma, executive vice president and president of Marketing & Online at Sears Holdings in the press release. “We welcome Adam and Nicki into our world and look forward to capturing their energy and creativity on and translating it into unique apparel, accessories and other merchandise.”

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