PHOTOS Naomi Charles and Tylor Scott, aspiring models who allegedly stole Miley Cyrus’ Maserati

Naomi Charles and Tylor Scott - Miley Cyrus

Someone call Sofia Coppola! The two people arrested for allegedly stealing Miley Cyrus’ Maserati aren’t exactly common criminals… They’re more like Bonnie and Clyde meets Bling Ring.

The LAPD arrested 21-year-old Naomi Charles and 19-year-old Tylor Scott on Thursday on residential burglary charges. They were identified by video surveillance, which showed them scaling the wall to Miley’s North Hollywood home on Friday, May 30. They then stole the $135,000 Maserati as well as jewelry.

The burglary may not has worked out as intended, but they seem to be achieving another goal: infamy.

Based on her social media profiles, Naomi is an aspiring fitness model.

Boyfriend Tylor recently moved from Arizona to Los Angeles. LA Times reports he is also pursing a modeling career and recently appeared in a music video for OnlyFuturistic.

Tylor Scott - Miley Cyrus Burglary

However, burglarizing Miley’s home wasn’t Tylor’s first foray into crime. He was convicted of shoplifting in Arizona 2013. LA Times reports he was also indicted by an Arizona grand jury for alleged vehicle theft, burglary and drug-related charges.

Tylor Scott Mug Shot
Tylor Scott’s mug shot from his 2013 Arizona arrest.

Naomi and Scott are being held at the North Hollywood division jail. Bail was set at $50,000 for both.

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