VIDEO Kittens perfectly synchronized to Turn Down For What

Kittens Turn Down For What

Do you have a few hours to spare? Because don’t watch this video unless you are prepared to put it on replay for the rest of the afternoon.

Kittens Tulip and Daisy have the special talent of being able to perfectly synchronize their head bobs to Lil Jon’s Turn Down For What… Or to a laser being pointed at the ceiling. Their foster dad posted the adorable video to YouTube last week. It’s since been viewed nearly 900,000 times. (2,000 of those views may have been me putting it on repeat.)

As Tulip and Daisy’s foster dad noted, the kittens will be available for adoption through the Animal Welfare League of Arlington shortly. Hopefully they will go to a great home filled with love, laser pointers and lots of Lil Jon music!

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