PHOTOS Miley Cyrus rocks cornrows: Is she supporting Kylie Jenner?

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The Kylie Jenner Cornrow Controversy continues to grow. Today, it’s Miley Cyrus who’s in the spotlight, as the pop star has been showering her Instagram page with cornrow shots of her own over the past few days.

Kylie put her hair in cornrows over the weekend and was criticized by many–Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg most prominent among them–for what her detractors say is racial and cultural appropriation. A social media brouhaha ensued, with many targeting Kylie’s wealth and privilege, and others, including noted Canadian Justin Bieber, coming to her defense.

While it’s not clear whether Miley Cyrus’ new hairstyle is meant to be a note of solidarity with the seventeen-year-old Kylie, one thing we do know is that Miley has been showing off the look like crazy for the past few days. Here’s a quick look at her Instagram timeline:




Ouchyyyy booooo booooo

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Bad a$$ day with a bad a$$ chick @stellamaxwell

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Private show on release day wtf @codysimpson lucky ass bitch A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

f*ck yeah rainbow

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Naturally, Miley Cyrus’ application of the suddenly controversial style has led to some heated debates. For example, Instagram user ktlx responded to critics with the following:  


Honestly I still don’t think there is a need for you to insult Miley because of the way she wants to wear her hair. Like I said before, the hairstyle isn’t OWNED. It’s been here for many years, and yes I do agree it is appropriation of culture by the way the media is exploiting trends that African Americans have been doing for centuries. But you simply cant go out saying one person can do this to their hair and another person cannot or there will always be a divide. Be open minded.

At the same time, user babyspiceausha posited:  


you’re missing the point… this IS appropriation bc this style does belong to other cultures other than black like you listed but they too are ridiculed for wearing them, called slurs and insults. they are suspected of being “thugs” and “hoodrats” she and other whites wear them and are called hip and trendy! this view was CREATED by white people

Miley herself has not spoken out regarding her hair, Kylie Jenner, or the cornrow controversy. Nor has Kylie, who continues to push her line of PacSun back-to-school clothing while waiting to turn eighteen.  Meanwhile, Stenberg’s most recent missive is direct and to-the-point:  


(Photos: Miley Cyrus via Instagram)

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