PHOTOS Madonna rocks sexy Givenchy matador look on Grammys red carpet

Madonna Grammys 2015

56-year-old pop icon Madonna brought her bad girl hanky panky flair to the red carpet at the 2015 Grammy Awards in Hollywood earlier tonight as she looked nothing like a virgin with her las islas bonitas fully on display in a matadorable racy, lacy, girl-gone-wild Givenchy Couture matadorable corseted ensemble that looked like the book cover to an erotica bedtime story. In other words, Madonna was Madonna — and it was fantastic! (Can you count how many Madonna song references were in that paragraph? I lost count.)

Here’s a nice, looooooong look at Matadonna:

Madonna Grammy Awards 2015

The matador look is reminiscent of her outfit in the recently released “Living for Love” music video (included below), and Madonna will reportedly be wearing yet another similar look during her performance of her song during the awards show. “I’m wearing Givenchy,” Madonna told E! Live from the Red Carpet co-host Ryan Seacrest. “He also made my performance outfit—they’re different colors. [And] these boots have nails in them, I can’t dance on nails.” Ah, c’mon Madonna — I bet you can! 😉

Madonna 2015 Grammy Awards red carpet

Madonna took to Twitter to “express herself” and share her excitement for tonight’s performance:

But I think comedian and Parks and Recreation actor had my favorite Madonna Grammys tweet:

Here’s the music video for Madonna’s “Living for Love” to help you prepare:

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