PHOTOS Who is Farrah Abraham’s new boyfriend? Plus, her lips are all healed!

Farrah Abraham's boyfriend 2015

Farrah Abraham, who is famously the only cast member in the history of Couples Therapy to show up alone, looks like she may be turning her love life around in 2015! The 23-year-old momtrepreneur first had fans wondering if perhaps she might be dating someone when she shared these photos celebrating New Year’s Eve with a mystery man on Twitter:

Farrah Abraham new boyfriend New Year's Eve photos

UPDATE – We now know who Farrah Abraham’s new boyfriend is! Click here to find out his identity and see photos!

As many fans (and quite a few Farrah detractors) pointed out, the man appears to be wearing a wedding band on his ring finger. Farrah shed very little light on the mystery, writing only “Happy New Year’s” with the pictures.

Fast forward more than two weeks and it as though Farrah is not only still with the same mystery man, but they are traveling the country together, and she now refers to him as “my love!” Farrah shared this photo montage with a New York City backdrop on Twitter moments ago and captioned it, “Taking over #NYC #LongIsland #Hoboken With my love” along with a kissy lips emoji:

Farrah Abraham's boyfriend NYC photos

Hmmmm…. He’s keeping that ring finger hidden! (Of course, it could just be the cold weather.) Here are a couple of the photos zoomed in:

Farrah Abraham and her new boyfriend

Who is Farrah Abraham's new boyfriend?

Prior to their romantic stroll around The Big Apple, Farrah and her mystery man apparently got all hot and sweaty together… at the gym. Farrah tweeted this next photo of the Royal Fitness Gym in Levittown, NY and wrote, “Great couples workout.”

In case you were wondering what brought Farrah to New York City, she had a scheduled appearance Saturday night at The Scene strip club in Commack, NY. Getty photographer Steven Henry was on the scene at The Scene and snapped a few shots of Farrah in which it looks as though she has completely healed from her headline-grabbing lip implant plastic surgery disaster from earlier this month:


And is that Farrah Abraham’s mystery boyfriend sitting beside her in this photo (to our left):


Congratulations to Farrah on her new relationship! I just posted last week that VH1 is looking for cast members for Couples Therapy Season 6, so perhaps Dr. Jenn will get another shot with Farrah — this time with an actual significant other!

If you’re wanting to see Farrah (and possibly her mystery beau) then you can catch her next in Las Vegas where she will be in attendance at the AVN (Adult Video News) Awards show and will make a personal appearance at the Palms Casino’s Ghostbar Dayclub on January 24:

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