PHOTOS Danny Trejo’s guns mock TSA at LAX

Machete actor Danny Trejo at LAX

Ever since heightened security measures became common place following 9/11 folks have been complaining and bemoaning the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) security procedures for air travel. You know, having to get half naked, taking off your belt and shoes and anything in your wallet or purse as you SLOWLY make your way through the security checkpoint to the terminal.

Well for those peeps who feel all of this TSA pat down mess is a little overboard you have a bona fide, bad-mother, world destroyer of a spokesman.  I can’t imagine a better defender of your rights to travel in peace than your new guiding light, Danny Trejo’s guns!  That’s right you Travelocity using frolickers of the friendly skies, Danny Trejo and his black wife-beater exposed tattooed biceps have spoken for you and I’m going to bet the TSA cats are listening now.

Machete actor Danny Trejo at LAX

The unquestioned baddest A$$ actor in Hollywood was photographed going through the TSA security checkpoint at LAX over the weekend.  He seemed unfazed at having to endure what the rest of us non Machete starring wussies have to as he cracked what might even have been a smile.   But upon the removal of his Nike jacket Trejo’s arms were talking a different talk.

As a requirement to work for Starcasm I had to be trained in translating “Trejo gun.”  Here is what Danny Trejo’s arm muscles had to say to LAX’s TSA security personnel:

“Maybe you would like to take us for a stroll down to your private pat down room?  We’d love to spend a little time with you, you know?  We could dance Danny Trejo’s gun lambada.  That’s the forbidden dance of getting your face reconstructed by, well, us.  No?  This isn’t something you want to try?  Why are you sweating senor?  Maybe you need a drink of water.  You look like you’re getting faint.  That scanner in your hand appears to be trembling.  No, I don’t think we’ll be having any problems today will we senor?”

When Trejo guns speak TSA and anyone else with a brain listens.  I would guess this is kind of the macho male way of symbolically mocking the TSA because in a previous post we featured lovely Corrine Theile who had her own bikini wearing means of accomplishing the same task.  Anywho, here’s a close up shot of Mr. Trejo and his not-so-little friends representing the air travelers of America:

Machete actor Danny Trejo at LAX

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