PHOTOS Bruce Springsteen shirtless on the beach in St. Barts!

Bruce Springsteen without a shirt on the beaches of St. Bart

Man o man! Willie Nelson concert pictures and now Bruce Springsteen frolicking on the beach in St. Barts?!? What’s next – a Bob Dylan mugshot?!? This is too great! I write about celebrities all day everyday but I rarely get to feel like a fanboy – and this is twice in a matter of days! Of course, it’s Bruce shirtless so my fanboyness is going to be interpreted as boyfanness, not that there’s anything wrong with that! By golly I’ll take what I can get! Wait, that didn’t sound right.

ANYWAY… Bruce and wife Patti Scialfa were caught by photographers having fun on the beaches of St. Barts Tuesday. The shirtless Boss seemed to be offering a challenge to Jersey Shore‘s “The Situation,” and that challenge is “Greetings From Absbury Park!” We get to see a whole lot of Bruce’s “American Skin” as he proves it’s possible to not look lame while bodysurfing in St. Barts, something Martin short was unsuccessful at just the day before.

But, as I mentioned, Bruce wasn’t alone on his Caribbean vacation – his “Meeting Across The Ocean” included his “Red Headed Woman” Patti Scialfa who could have easily avoided being pulled over by a “Thighway Patrolman” thanks to her good looking “Jersey Girl” legs:

Patti Scialfa shows off her sexy Jersey Girl legs

There are SOOO many great shots here, not including the one where it looks like someone’s head is up Bruce’s a$$ (Could that be Bon Jovi?), but my absolute favorite – hands down! – is this one because I’ve seen that same faux confused look on stage a hundred times:

Bruce Springsteen strikes a stage face while swimming in St. Barts

It makes me think there’s a rock and roll concert going on under water! Of course, he’s also looked like this on stage may times as well:

Bruce Springsteen splashes about  in St. Barts

I’ll stop now. Here are the rest of the photos. Click the thumbnails to see larger images in the gallery and click those images to see Jungleland-sized photos!

Fame Pictures claims he is there with his “family” so that might be Evan or Sam in the pictures (???) Oh, and my apologies for the misuse of Springsteen song lyrics – for some reason I can’t seem to resist the urge whenever I get to write about Bruce or Bob Dylan. Just be thankful I didn’t force “It’s Hard To Be City In Saint Barts” on you!

Photos: Spread Pictures/Fame Pictures

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