PHOTOS Antonio Sabato Jr. girlfriend Cheryl Moana Marie from Hawaii

Cheryl Moana Marie

My Antonio is the VH-1 reality competition show that attempts to find a true love for “star” Antonio Sabato Jr. But, People magazine is reporting that all the smoochin’, flirtin’, mama drama and good ol’ fashioned douchebaggery was for naught as Antonio has a new love he met just after the show finished filming. Well, perhaps the Hawaii-based show wasn’t all for naught, because his new gal pal is island native Cheryl Moana Marie, an aspiring singer-songwriter and all-around hottie:

Hawaiian singer-songwriter Cheryl Moana Marie

Sabato introduced Cheryl as “my girlfriend” at the Hollywood Christmas Parade Sunday, a relationship that started “shortly after Sabato’s show wrapped,” according to a source for People. Here is the lovely couple arriving at the Hollywood Christmas Parade:

Hollywood Christmas Parade 2009

Still haven’t had enough Cheryl? I can understand, she is very easy on the eyes. Here are some more images from her myspace page:

As mentioned above, Cheryl is a singer-songwriter (you can see her album cover by clicking on the thumbnail above) and here’s a video for her song “Behind the Scenes” from her album Kaua’i Motion:

And here she is singing the National Anthem at a Los Angeles Lakers game:

How about a poor quality video of a Heineken commercial starring the sexy Cheryl rollerblading with a dog while wearing a hot blue mini skirt?

And a slide show to round things off:

So how does Antonio’s mom feel about the whole thing? She was photographed with the couple at the Hollywood Christmas Parade and seems quite approving:

Hollywood Xmas Parade

BUT, moments later this:

Hollywood Christmas Parade 2009

I suppose the maternal jury is still out.

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