Photog killed after chasing Justin Bieber’s Ferrari


The paparazzi are an aggressive bunch, especially out in California. Sadly, a photog on the tail of Justin Bieber’s sleek, white Ferrari died yesterday while attempting to get a pic of the ride.

The vehicle in question was pulled over near the Getty Center in Los Angeles yesterday for a routine traffic stop. A photog who had been trailing the car was at the scene, out of their vehicle and taking photos.

The California Highway Patrol told the person to move back and away from the scene because it was not safe. At some point after doing so, the paparazzo was struck by an oncoming vehicle and killed. Sources state that neither drugs or alcohol were a factor for the driver who struck the photog.

It turned out that Justin Bieber wasn’t even driving the sports car. One of his friends was behind the wheel while another friend was in the passenger seat.