PHOTO Stevie Nicks talks American Horror Story and her connection with Lily Rabe

Stevie Nicks - American Horror Story - Lily Rabe

During tonight’s appropriately titled “Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks,” the Fleetwood Mac singer will make her long-anticipated American Horror Story cameo!

“This was a perfect fit for me,” Stevie told Us Weekly of the FX show. “I’m totally into fairytales. I’m into the supernatural. I’m not as much into normal.”

Although Stevie is “into the supernatural,” she admitted to the Chicago Sun-Times that she didn’t watch previous seasons of American Horror Story. It wasn’t until creator Ryan Murphy — with whom she worked on a Fleetwood Mac episode of Glee — asked to use her songs in the current season that she began to pay attention.

“When I saw the first episode I was a little shocked, honestly,” Stevie said of Coven.

Despite her shock at the occasionally gruesome and explicit scenes, Stevie said she loved the way Ryan planned to integrate her music.

“They basically told me my music was needed because there was a character who was a witch that wasn’t part of the coven, who lived out in the swamp and basically heals people and animals and was really nice. She had no friends, no family. My songs were like her go-to self-help book. That’s how I hope my songs will affect everybody,” the “Rihannon” singer said, going on to understate the continued popularity of her albums.

After her introduction to the show, Stevie said she was the one who actually proposed making a cameo — although she thought it would be a simpler matter.

Stevie Nicks on American Horror Story Coven set

“In my stupid mind I’m thinking I’ll wear a long black dress and walk through the beautiful white house and just say, ‘Hello witches!’ and keep on going,” Stevie said, joking she was rather taken aback when she arrived on set and read her script. “I’m like, ‘They do know I’m not an actress, right?’ I didn’t sleep too good that night. I was seriously worried I was going to suck.”

Guided by the actors on the show, Stevie made it through her scenes — and certainly seemed to kill it in the Entertainment Weekly exclusive sneak-peek. During shooting, Stevie also struck up a genuine friendship with actress Lily Rabe, who plays the Stevie-obsessed Misty Day on the show.

“She lost her mom [actress Jill Clayburgh] not very long ago, one year before I lost my mom,” Stevie said, explaining she gave Lily a “fantasmagorical” velvet jacket and black shirt. “When I wrote her the note that went with her outfit I said, ‘I know you lost your mom and so did I. I’m around if you need me.’ We’ll probably be friends forever.”

Misty Day and Stevie Nicks - American Horror Story

Stevie also told Us Weekly about her new connection with Kathy Bates…

“I didn’t do a scene with her. But then the second day she came down to watch and we were leaving, so we took Kathy Bates and her sister on our little 7-person plane back. We seriously got to know Kathy Bates, because we had a long, very turbulent trip back.”

As for whether she’s worried her appearance will reignite rumors about being a real-life witch, she said she doesn’t really care. (She even allowed Ryan to reference her “White Witch” nickname in the show… Although Jessica Lange’s character quipped, “Try as I may, I cannot get her to play in the shadows with me.”)

“I am a) not a witch and b) even if I was a witch, it’s my life. I’m 65 years old and I can do anything I want. I’m not going to not do stuff because there might be a crazy little bunch of wacko fans out there that are going to take it the wrong way.”

Catch Stevie during tonight’s episode of American Horror Story at 10/9c.

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