PHOTO Scott Eastwood flexes shirtless guns by a tank

Fury Scott Eastwood

Go ahead hunk, make our day!

Scott Eastwood, the 27-year-old son of Hollywood living-legend Clint Eastwood, decided to treat his Instagram followers to a gun show with the above pic. The image comes from the set of his new film Fury, a World War II piece starring Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. Is that either one of them on the tank?

“Trying to out flex the tank. Not workin’,” the actor wrote of the snapshot.

Eastwood caused a swoon-worthy tidal wave on these here internets when photos recently surfaced of a sexy shoot for Town & Country.

Many of his new-found fans were appreciative of the share. I particularly liked one Jenna Nortman’s reply, “How about a shot with all your clothes on #saidnoonever.”

You can keep up with Scott via his Twitter account here.

More shirtless photos:


Ok, so he looks good with his clothes on too:


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