PHOTO Pregnant Bristol Palin reveals sex of her baby

Bristol Palin pregnant gender reveal

Back in June, teen pregnancy prevention spokesperson Bristol Palin surprised everyone when she announced she was pregnant with her second child by her ex-fiance Dakota Meyer. Bristol later revealed that the pregnancy was planned, and that when she conceived she was still planning on marrying Dakota in May of 2015.

Fast forward four months and Bristol, now seven and a half months along, is preparing for the reality of single motherhood yet again. Yesterday, she finally revealed whether or not her son Tripp was getting a little sister or a little brother, by posting the baby bump photo below on several social media sites and announcing the sex formally:

Bristol Palin pregnant baby bump

“7.5 months with my baby girl ?” Bristol captioned the photo. On her blog, Bristol added, “P.S. I’ve got a baby girl on board!” So Tripp will have a little sister!

We’re still waiting on a name, but feel free to make your suggestions in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, Bristol Palin continues to talk about the subject of birth control. This weekend she voiced her objections to the report that “some schools in Washington [state] were giving free birth control implants to children as young as 10 years old!

“I know I’m the last to talk about birth control,” Bristol wrote in a blog entry on Saturday, adding the parenthetical: “(Two baby daddies right? LOLZ!)” She then continues:

But I am expecting a girl and do have a 14 year old sister and I would be so concerned for her going into a clinic and having something pretty serious put into her body.

I’m not against birth control by ANY MEANS so do not twist my words. But I am against the government going between a parent and a child at such a young age. THERE IS A BIG DAMN DIFFERENCE. 10-11-12 year olds don’t know what’s best for them.

Their parents do.

So anyone who’s saying I have “no place to talk” .. Let’s look at the issue – the important part of this entire blog post – why I brought it to your attention.

WE as parents know what’s best for our young daughters – NOT the government.

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