PHOTO Lindsay Lohan posts Arabic mistranslation to Instagram, accidentally calls fans “asses”

Lohan Two


Lindsay Lohan is on a bit of an Arabic kick lately. A few days ago, she Tweeted out the Arabic greeting “habibi,” which, depending on context, can mean a number of different things: “lover,” for example, or “beloved.” (Not “grape,” contrary to many reports. “Habibi” does not mean “grape.”) So, yesterday, it wasn’t a big surprise when Lohan dropped some more of the language, this time on her 3.5 million Instagram followers. Except that she also used Arabic script. And the script…was a little off.

That’s right–the text above does not translate to “You’re beautiful.” It translates to “You are a donkey.” Or, more specifically, “You are an ass.” It’s not immediately clear who wrote up the script for Lohan, but safe money says it’s a person with a nice, healthy, giggly sense of humor.

Predictably, the social media response was swift and laugh-ridden. Here’s one of the calmer responses, from noted Arabic Al Aan TV reporter Jenan Moussa:



Lohan has since deleted the post.


(Photo credits: LL via Instagram)

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