PHOTO Jake Pavelka’s ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas

Tanya Douglas is the alleged ex-girlfriend of The Bachelor Jake Pavelka

The identity of Jake Pavelka’s mystery girlfriend was just revealed after she gave an interview to radio station WILN 106 The Island in Panama City, Florida, a preview of which was released earlier today. (You can listen to it HERE)

UPDATE 3/24 – WILN has begun releasing the rest of the interview. you can listen to Part One and/or read the full transcript HERE.

So who is the woman claiming The Bachelor was still in love with her even after the show had finished taping? She’s 24-year-old landscape architect Tanya Douglas of Orlando, Florida. Originally from from the small town Marianna in Northwest Florida, Tanya L. Douglas graduated from the University of Florida in the spring of 2009 and now makes her “around the bend” in Orlando.

I’m going to start speculating now. Steve Kramer, the DJ who interviewed Tanya for WILN, repeatedly talked about getting Tanya a bigger “platform” on which to tell her story and that his station couldn’t release the full interview with all the details and alleged proof of Tanya’s ongoing relationship with Jake until they were able to guarantee that platform.

My theory is that Tanya is one smart cracker! I think she’s going to be able to capitalize on the enormous popularity of The Bachelor show without ever having to demean herself by being a contestant. Why do I think this is the case? Aside from the fact that I spent most of my childhood in the rural panhandle of Florida (and even played high school basketball against Marianna – the Bulldogs I believe. I remember their locker room was a little bit more aromatically challenged than most) and have a soft spot for any gal from the respectable part of The Sunshine State, I think the proof is right here on this interwebs!

Hop on over to Tanya’s web page at and you will see a website that doesn’t look like a landscape architect’s website, but a polished, professional and pretty website from someone trying to convince people she’s a small-town girl with a good heart that worked hard to get where she’s at.

All I have to say about this capitalistic marketing ploy is… KUDOS!!! I’m already in love! Forget those other 25 women, I cast my vote for Tanya L. Douglas! Is it too late to replace Ali as The Bachelorette?

Tanya’s 15 minutes should be a fun ride because she seems quite frugal and will be milking it for all it’s worth! Go get ’em Tanya!

Oh, and for all you doubters out there TMZ has a photo of Tanya and Jake getting pretty intimate, and then there’s this photo of him from 2005 (with another attractive blond – hmmmmm, I sense a trend) in which there are some strikingly similar earphones to the ones in Tanya’s picture above:

UPDATE – Thanks to an anonymous comment tip, I found this comment from The Huffington Post from someone with the screen name Octoberpanda:

My daughter and Tanya are friends. We live in the Panhandle of Florida, close to Marianna where Tanya is from. Tanya meet Jake at an airport last year and they started dating. He dated her for months, flew her to Texas to be with his family several times, he flew here to meet her family, they spent time on the beautiful beaches here in the Panhandle…she’s for real. He dated her until just before he started the bachelor letting her believe he was putting their relationhip “on hold”. He has called her several times since the Bachelor…and even flew here about 2 weeks ago to see her. All her friends here know about their relationship and what is going on. My daughter saw Tanya mom in Marianna and she told my daughter that Tanya was in Texas that weekend visiting him and his parents…and she showed my daughter pictures on her cell phone that Tanya had just sent to her a few hours earlier. Tanya is a beautiful, intelligent, outgoing girl. You can check out her website and see how talented she is. She paints, plays piano, and is an engineer (designs golf courses). She has nothing to hide and she’s telling the truth. I understand why Jake was so attracted to her…and can’t seem to let her go.

Thanks for the tip! Any more folks from right off HWY 231 want to chip in? Let’s get some panhandle in the house! See Tanya’s fame preparation internet trail HERE, including what looks like a publicity-for-photos deal with a photographer!)

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