Nicki Minaj ‘Pink Friday’ album cover art

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday

The long-awaited debut album from Nicki Minaj Pink Friday drops November 23 22 but anxious Minaj fans can whet their whistles a bit because the cover art has been released! (Click image above for super-sized wallpaper photo!)

Nicki looks a bit like she’s channeling her inner Tyra as she stare bug-eyed and bug-boobed with elongated Barbie-doll-like legs and cotton candy pink hair. I love it! I want to listen to an album that sounds like this photo looks! Fun, pink and sexy without being too serious. It’s like the perfect date!

Nicki Minaj

(I love this new wave of “sexy fun” gals like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Rihanna who can wear next to nothing without seeming vulgar. I’m not saying these women aren’t being sexy (BELIEVE ME!) but there’s a playfulness to it that makes it “safe” and not just thinly veiled softcore pornography.)

UPDATE – In addition to bumping the release date for Pink Friday up a day from Tuesday, November 23 to Monday, November 22 Nicki Minaj has also announced tour dates! Via her Twitter account:

October 22 – Philly
October 23 – DC
October 24 – CT
October 25 – Boston
October 30 – Trinidad & Tobago
Ticket Prices:

Here are a couple singles from Minaj’s much-anticipated debut album that have already hit the airwaves.

Right Thru Me


Your Love

And just for the heck of it, here’s my favorite “pink” song by the “other Drake” Nick Drake titled “Pink Moon