New photo of North West sparks controversy

North West Smile - Eyebrows

A new photo of North West that proud mom Kim Kardashian shared yesterday clearly demonstrates one thing: North is a beautiful baby. The Instagram photo, which Kim captioned “SMILE,” shows off Nori’s big eyelashes, button nose and perfectly groomed eyebrows. The problem is, some people think the baby’s eyebrows are too perfectly shaped.

“I swear the instagram pic Kim Kardashian just put up looks like her baby’s eyebrows are filled in and waxed,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another wondered on Twitter, “Is it me or do North West’s eyebrow look plucked & shaped?”

Normally I’m not the type to rush to the Kardashians defense, but I think (or, rather, hope) this criticism is all nonsense. Farrah Abraham didn’t even wax her daughter’s eyebrows until Sophia was three! Plus, contrary to what some people said about North previously having a unibrow, I couldn’t find any evidence of that in the pictures Kim shared. (I had to zoom in on previous pictures of North to give a fair comparison. The latest picture shows off the baby’s face better than any previous photos.)

Kim has taken to Twitter to deny the claims and to call out her critics. Get her response here.

North West Before and After Eyebrows

Do you think Kim did anything to sculpt North’s eyebrows?

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